Friday, February 04, 2005

A Matter of Time and Effort

It's a strange thing, the creative process. I am, to the core of my being, a lazy man. However, I find some ideas refuse to leave me be until I've given them a chance. Whether the venture results in success or failure is beside the point -- perhaps the only point is that some honest effort is needed to get some notions out of your system.

This particular idea is one that has nagged at me for over a year. I want to start my own game company. I want to develop games. More specifically, I'd like to create a big ol' Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

If you're a stranger to software development, let me clue you in that this is a monumental undertaking even with a full team of people plugging away at it.

Which brings me to this site. I hate people who talk blue sky like it's going to happen. That's not me, though, no sir. I'm actually fairly certain that developing a full scale MMORPG isn't going to happen. However, this isn't about accomplishing something, this is about getting this out of my system.

Which brings me to this site. It is my intention to log my efforts and ideas here until I either:
  1. Develop the damn game.
  2. Lose the urge and move on to other things.
Hopefully, doing this all out in public will keep me honest and quell some cathartic creative impulses. Perhaps something more tangible will come of it. We'll see, won't we?


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